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Nancy (France)

10 Dec 14:00
13 Dec 17:00 2018

Functional Ecology Conference (FEC2018)

The International Functional Ecology Conference will be held in Nancy from 10th to 13th December 2018. The call for abstracts is open. Researchers, engineers and PhD students are invited to register.

Updated on 09/03/2018
Published on 03/14/2018

The Functional Ecology Conference will be held in December in Nancy, France

This conference aims to take stock of research in functional ecology, focusing on material and energy flows and mobilizing long-term observation, experimentation and modelling. Global changes, threats to biodiversity, and remediation of degraded ecosystems will be addressed in the case of forest, natural, cultivated and urban ecosystems. It is also a space for interaction between experienced researchers, young researchers, engineers,... and research infrastructures.

A local and national partnership
The 2018 session is organised by INRA Grand Est-Nancy and AgroParisTech-Nancy centres with the support of AnaEE France, AnaEE Europe and the Nancy-Freiburg-Zürich international network (NFZ.forestnet).The Université de Lorraine and the CNRS are also partners. This conference is a continuation of the "functional ecology days" held in recent years.

FEC2018 organizing committee (+33 (0)3 83 39 40 41 )