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PSDR Program

Updated on 08/25/2015
Published on 10/28/2014
Keywords: PSDR - Lorraine

The research program "For and On Regional Development" (PSDR) examines the role of economic activities (primarily related to agriculture, the agro-food sector and transportation) and of rural and suburban territorial development dynamics.

Supported by INRA, IRSTEA and IFSTTAR, and in collaboration with the French Regions, PSDR aims to contribute to regional and territorial development through research and development actions carried out in partnership with local actors.

Lorraine was not among the French Regions engaged in the first three PSDF programs, but is committed today to take part in the fourth wave (PSDR4), whose launch was planned in 2014 to finance projects from 2015 through 2018.

Two sector concentrations within the PSDR4 program correspond particularly well to issues prioritized by the Lorraine region and skills of research teams from Lorraine: the "agriculture and agro-food sector" and the "forest, wood and furniture" sector.

The core idea is to contribute to improving promotion of local resources (more broadly combining natural, economic and human resources, with the view of involving territorial and sectorial actors).  The PSDR call for proposals was broken down by 3 thematic axes on:

  • Necessary changes for improved promotion of resources  (changes in production methods and uses)
  • Interaction between regions and disciplines
  • Planning and governance necessary to implement changes proposed in the first two axes.

Two projects were submitted by teams from Lorraine. They were related as excellent by the national program and will be supported jointly by Inra and Region Lorraine.

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For more information on the national PSDR program : http://www.psdr.fr/

regional contact, Fabienne Barataudfabienne.barataud@mirecourt.inra.fr

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