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coursive  du campus de  Champenoux. © INRA, Yves Bernardi

The INRA center of Nancy-Lorraine 

Updated on 08/25/2015
Published on 01/18/2013

INRA in Lorraine is home to a scientific community made up of 16 research and experimental units dedicated largely to joint research and funded projects and employs a total of 500 people (all employers combined). Research at the center is structured to address two thematic axes: 'Forest-wood-land' and 'Engineering and food safety'. 

In partnership with AgroParis Tech and the University of Lorraine, the INRA Nancy-Lorraine center is actively involved in developing research on forests and associated ecosystems (including grasslands), engineering and food safety. This research, both basic and applied, is geared to respond to questions posed by society and policy makers while contributing to knowledge advancement (particularly in social and life sciences).

Research at the INRA center of Nancy-Lorraine actively contributes to advancements in forest adaptation to climate change, sustainable agriculture and forestry production, and to developing innovation in the forestry sector.

A working communityof around 500 people

The INRA center in Nancy-Lorraine has 16 research and support units made up of two of its own research units (RU), seven joint research units (UMR), two contract funded units (USC), one experimental unit (UE), three support units (UAR) and one service unit (US). Seven INRA scientific departments are represented in Lorraine.

The center currently employs close to 200 permanent staff members (researchers, engineers, technicians and support staff) and each year employs from 150 to 200 contract employees made up of between 75 and 100 full-time positions (PhD and postdoctoral students, fixed-term contract employees, student interneships, etc.). In addition, close to 120 faculty members are associated with the center working in joint research units (UMR) and contract funded units (USC).

Open to the world, the INRA Nancy-Lorraine center regularly hosts visiting foreign researchers for short-term projects, thesis preparation or postdoctoral work. In 2012, as many as 40 countries were represented at the center.

Multiple working partnerships in a variety of fields

Over a period of several decades, the Nancy-Lorraine center has developed close scientfic partnerships both in Europe and in the world. INRA is a founding member of NFZ.forestnet, a European research and higher education network made up of seven French, German and Swiss instiutions working on forestry, forest ecosystems and forest-related products with the goal of creating and developing collaborative research and education projects.  Additionally, all research units associated with the Nancy-Lorraine center are part of the French government research institute "Forest ecosystems, agricultural resources, bioprocessing and food" (IFR 110 Efaba) and contribute to the French scientific interest group and center of excellence "Forest, food, biology and environment in Lorraine" (GIS-FABELOR).

The center's units are also involved in numerous French, European and international reserach programs and networks collaborating with a wide variety of partners. Through support by the French stimulus intitiative, Investments for the Future, the Nancy-Lorraine center and its units are partners in three laboratories of excellence (LabEx) and one major research infrastructure.