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The forest at the heart of the debate on the television channel France 3 Lorraine

On Saturday, September 27 at 11:25, the new programme "Voice is free"  of the television channel France 3 Lorraine will focus on the various challenges faced by forests.

Fraxinus excelsior. © INRA, François Jobert
Updated on 10/02/2014
Published on 09/25/2014
Keywords: forest

This weekly television programme which discusses social issues making the news in the region will focus on forests.

Are our forests healthy? Are they overexploited? How should the production of wood for construction and energy production be developed while protecting the environment and biodiversity? What role do private forests play? What will our forests look like tomorrow?

The presenter Francine Dubail tries to answer these questions during thirty minutes, with different participants: Christopher Gallemant, regional representative for the NFB (French National Forestry Office) of the Lorraine region which manages three quarters of the forests in the Lorraine; Henri Plauche Gillon, president of the Private French Forests; Erwin Dreyer, regional delegate of INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) and Raynald Rigolot of the Flore 54 association.