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On November 13, join the "created dej" on the INRA site Champenoux!

The Lorrain incubator created by the University of Lorraine, CHU, CNRS, INRA, INRIA Nancy Grand-Est and INSERM's mission is to support the creation of companies outcome of research laboratories.

Incubateur lorrain - Ecosustain. © INRA, Incubateur Lorrain
Updated on 10/28/2014
Published on 10/28/2014

58 companies have emerged in different fields, biotechnology, materials, chemistry, management ... and all these companies continue to maintain close ties with the laboratories. Entrepreneurship can be a way of valuing a rewarding personal and professional experience. It also provides a way forward for PhD students.

Every month, the Lorraine Incubator organizes the "created dej" breakfast about an hour during which a researcher has chosen to embark on the creation of a company, testifies about his experience. This is a good time to trade and you can find answers to questions you may have about the creation of innovative enterprises, as a way of valuing your search results.

Under the second "created dej" exchange will be led by Christophe Calvaruso, post doctoral INRA, founder ECOSUSTAIN, engineering developing innovative tools for the environment, forest and associated habitats, and sustainable development.

This "created dej" will be held Thursday, November 13 from 9:00 am to 10 am in the hall A building site INRA Champenoux.

Thank you kindly confirm your participation at the following address: incubateur-contact@univ-lorraine.fr

Find out more

Link to the website of the Lorrain incubator : http://incubateurlorrain.org/