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EcoSustain, a company founded by a former staff member of INRA.

The EcoSustain company was launched at the beginning of 2014. It will build on the expertise acquired by its founder, Christophe Calvaruso, former PhD student and postdoctoral fellow at the Biogeochemistry of Forest Ecosystems Unit, and by INRA researchers in the study of forest ecosystem functioning.

EcoSustain Logo. © INRA, EocSustain
Updated on 08/05/2014
Published on 07/18/2014

EcoSustain will propose services in various fields to research laboratories, private forest owners, local authorities and the National Office of Forests:

- Analysis of the biogeochemical cycles of elements, water and mineral fertility balances, growth stands, soil microbial diversity. This includes the setting up and monitoring of collection and measurement devices, the collection, processing and storage of samples (air, soil, litter), data interpretation and recovery;

- The development of diagnostic tools of mineral fertility in forests to predict the impact of new restrictions or changes in management;

- The development of innovative management methods of forest plantations,

- Advice in forestry.

In 2014, EcoSustain won the competition for the creation of innovative technology companies of the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) in the "Emerging" category. Creating EcoSustain was accompanied by the setting up of Incubateur Lorrain of which INRA is a founding member.

Soil profile. © INRA, EcoSustain
Soil profile © INRA, EcoSustain

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EcoSustain, Office of Environmental Studies, Research and Development
31, rue de Volmerange 57330 Kanfen

Logo Incubateur Lorrain. © INRA, IL

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