Offre pour un Contrat Jeune Scientifique

Inra and theDoctoral School RP2Eoffer during 2017 a "Contrat Jeune Scientifique" (Young Scientist Contract) for 3 years (duration for completion of a PhD). Research will take place at Nancy (France). Candidates may choose among the five topics offered this year

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Mis à jour le 22/03/2017
Publié le 22/03/2017
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Topic 1

Interactions between biogeochemical cycles of the main elements in forest ecosystems

Topic 2

Microrefugia  facing  climate  change:  bioclimatic  modeling  of  steep-sided  valleys  in northeastern France.

Topic 3

The key role of biomechanics for shaping tree stems

Topic 4

How do environmental and ontogenic factors modulate the distribution of growth along tree stems?

Topic 5

Forest  biomass  and  carbon  accounting  in  the  French  forests:  Identification  and modelling of inter-specific, management-driven and environmental- patterns in wood density from new records of the French national forest inventory 

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